E-Training 1 covers backgrounds and history of hybrid lenses followed by the current status of SynergEyes® Hybrid lenses.

SynergEyes Hybrids.pngSynergEyes Hybrids.png

In E-learning 2, patient selection for Duette and Duette Progressives is discussed. 

Duette family of lenses can be fitted empirically using the Online Empirical Calculator.


In E-Training 3, patient selection for SynergEyes® Ultra Health and UltraHealth Flat Curve (FC) Specialty Hybrid is discussed. 

SynergEyes® UltraHealth Hybrid Lenses are Specialty Lenses for restoring vision of patients with irregular corneas. 


In E-Training 4, The importance of Compliance, Insertion & Removal and Lens Care Procedures of Duette and UltraHealth families of Hybrid lenses are explained. We recommend after studying the chapters to view the explanatory videos.